2020-01-21 生产工具

Play an album off of BandCamp without having to click to start each song. Pause/Resume, skip, and repeat features are included.

Mail Dump

2020-01-21 生产工具

Automated Emails Extraction Tool which will extract emails from web pages and save them into user's cloud storage


2020-01-21 博客

When you brower a webpage, you may hava some ideas and want to wirte some notes. But where do you make note? notebook or you blog?…


2020-01-21 辅助工具

This extension allows you to easily show a password field in any site, by hovering or double clicking on the password field

Site Labeler

2020-01-21 生产工具

Utility to add eye catching labels to sites depending on their url. Useful when working with different environments of the same site